By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated January 02, 2014 at 12:00 PM EST
Marco Grob/TIME
Marco Grob/TIME

The New Year will bring with it a new era of late night TV, and in preparation for the big change Time magazine selected Seth Meyers — who will take over Late Night in February when Jimmy Fallon moves on to host the Tonight Show — to grace the cover of its 2014 forecast issue.

In the cover piece, available now online to subscribers, the Saturday Night Live writer opens up about his new show and his feelings about taking over the coveted spot. Here are a few highlights:

+ Meyers’ new office at 30 Rockefeller Plaza needs a decorator. Described as having “bare walls, a few boxes, a fresh legal pad on the otherwise empty desktop,” the home base for his new Late Night program leaves something to be desired…for now. Meyers apparently has yet to move out of his SNL office and currently “commutes” between the two. “It’s like having two families,” he tells Time. “I feel like Ray Liotta at the end of Good­fellas, with the helicopter following me.”

+ Meyers’ last SNL episode… won’t be before the beginning of February, says the mag. So that means he’s in for at least two episodes, including the show’s Jan. 18 return. (His new Late Night gig begins Feb. 24.).

+ His studio is still being built, but the show’s format is not. Meyers’ new studio, which literally sits “on top of the new Tonight digs,” is still getting built. And, describes the mag, “like a groom planning a wedding, he doesn’t yet even know if he’ll have a DJ or a band.” But format-wise, don’t look for him to reinvent the wheel — there will be a desk, a monologue, celebrities, and the like. That said…

+ The content will have a Meyers spin. Though Meyers and Co. claim there’s still much to be decided, it seems they have a pretty good idea of what they want already. Producer Mike Shoemaker and Meyers, for example, talk of booking “more authors, politicians and explainers” and of having sketches “with staffers playing recurring characters.”

+ Amy Poehler will be on his first show. Or at least she plans to be. Meanwhile, she told Time of her former SNL colleague: “He enjoys bringing the best out of people. Maybe it’s his improv training, but he really knows how to make other people look good.”