By Pamela Gocobachi
Updated January 02, 2014 at 11:57 PM EST
Credit: Cartoon Network


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A new clip for Adult Swim’s Eagleheart finds Marshall Chris Monsanto (Chris Elliott) and his partner Susie (Maria Thayer) running from an angry mob.

Watch the exclusive clip from season 3, episode 8 of Eagleheart before it airs tonight at midnight below:

Thursday’s episode finds Chris and Susie stumbling upon a town ravaged by a mysterious lack of shoeshine boys. When they attempt to help, they uncover a secret that will change their lives forever.

The clip above shows Chris and Susie escaping into the undergrounds of the city, which is inhabited by the mysterious shoeshine boys who don’t consider themselves human and also “don’t have family parts.”

If you’ve been itching to check out Adult Swim’s comedy cop show parody, tonight’s episode is somewhat of a stand-alone, according to producers.

Eagleheart follows U.S. Marshall Chris Monsanto and his two partners, Brett and Susie as they fight crime and stop smugglers, art thieves, kidnappers, con artists, and more.

Season 3, episode 8 of Eagleheart airs tonight (Jan. 2) at midnight on Adult Swim.


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