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Updated January 02, 2014 at 12:00 PM EST


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Watch out, Idina Menzel: Four-year-old aspiring Disney princess Ella has your number.

Well, sort of. Ella’s interpretation of Frozen‘s most memorable song is high on cuteness… and low on intelligible words. But who needs diction when you’ve got passion?

Check out Ella’s “Let It Go” cover below — and look under that to find our best attempt at deciphering what, exactly, she’s trying to say. (For reference, the song’s actual lyrics can be found here.)


No love I, Mel at night,

Subway did the scene

A timber-lion-lation,

And it looks like Amma Queen

Owen is Hal, I just dunno gonna tide

Kun keepittin, annoda twiiied

Don’t let them think

Don’t let them see

Be a dodo, aaaya have to be

A seal don’t feel

A laptop, nooo

And now they knooow!

Ledda dough, ledda dough

A wine may, I da dough

Ledda dough, ledda dough

A boy is on my door

I don’t tare

What deer die to say

Some may draw

Toe letter bottom me anyway

Ever make the senses

Everything the mall

We want their troll may

And that’s the maid, a doll

La do I

A light in dew

Protect St. A

Aw done true

The night their walls

Made over vay

I brraaaaaaay

Ledda dough, ledda dough

A wild man at the stars

Ledda dough, ledda dough

And now they see me craw

He ride stand

And I might do

The system may draaaaw

The power to pull in Ellen to the plaque

And now I [mumbling] all around

Without the twister light

The light is on the Frau

I’m never done a nut

A Pashtun’s in the pass

Ledda dough, ledda dough!

I wonder at the door

Ledda dough, ledda dough

Don’t look me doornadoor

He ride stand

I’m… Taye

The store may juuuump

Letter bottom me anyway

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