Credit: Frank W Ockenfels 3 / Starz

Starz’ upcoming pirate drama Black Sails has a must-see opening credits sequence with a rousing theme from famed Battlestar Galactica and Walking Dead composer Bear McCreary. Gorgeous, cool, and thematically on target, these credits are like a haunting dream you might have after touring a sculpture museum and hitting Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride on the same day. And the music! Arguably McCreary’s best titles theme, and that’s saying quite a bit (fun fact: the instrument he’s playing is called a hurdy gurdy). The last opening sequence that got us this excited was for HBO’s Game of Thrones, which won the 2011 Emmy for best credits (yes, there is such a thing; the Academy calls it “main title design”). Check out the opening below. Play it full screen, volume up. The sequence (made by Imaginary Forces and directors Michelle Dougherty and Karin Fong) starts slow and subtle … then gets interesting. Black Sails premieres Jan. 25 on Starz.