By Mandi Bierly
Updated December 30, 2013 at 10:08 PM EST
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The new season of The Bachelor begins Juan-uary 5 with a two-night premiere, but the show is already entertaining us with the bachelorettes’ bios.

• Number of women who listed Home Alone 2 among their All-Time Favorite Movies: 2. Alexis (other picks: Elf and Titanic) and Chantel (other picks: John Q and The Notebook).

• Number of women who listed The Notebook among their All-Time Favorite Movies: 4. Chantel, Nikki (other picks: The Island and Avatar), Maggie (other picks: Steel Magnolias and Hope Floats); and Renee (other picks: Top Gun and The Vow).

• Best taste in movies: Tie: Music composer Lauren S. (Anchorman, Life is Beautiful, Shawshank Redemption, and The Truman Show) andOpera singer Sharleen (The Royal Tenenbaums, Spirited Away, and Match Point).

• Number of women who listed Dr. Seuss as their favorite author: 2. Local News Reporter Amy L and grade school teacher Ashley.

• Number of women who listed The Bible as their favorite book: 1 (Alexis).

• Occupations that explain how they have the time to be on a reality show: Dog Lover (Kelly) and Free Spirit (Lucy).

• Occupations that make us feel inadequate: Assistant District Attorney (26-year-old Andi) and Nursing Home Owner (25-year-old Lacy).

• Occupations that sound real, but we’ll need them explained anyway: Police Support Specialist (Christine) and Mineral Coordinator (Lauren H).

• Hometowns that are the most fun to say: Forty Fort, PA (Elise) and Antelope Acres, CA (Lacy).

• Best answer to the “Preferred type of dancing” question: “Is drunk dancing a type?” (26-year-old pediatric nurse Nikki)

• Most unexpected answer to “Favorite Snacks” when others are saying fruits, cheese, and nuts: Hot Cheetos (Lacy)

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