December 27, 2013 at 11:30 PM EST

‘Tis still the season to sit on the sofa and do nothing but watch hours of television. What are you currently marathoning? (If the answer is “nothing,” check the comments for ideas.)

I’m about to spend four nights petsitting out a house without cable, so I just downloaded Sundance’s The Returned, No. 10 on EW critic Melissa Maerz’s 10 Best TV Shows of 2013 list. “The zombies on this moody, atmospheric, impossibly chic French drama aren’t really zombies per se,” she writes. “They don’t nibble on femurs or drag a backward-turned foot down the street. So when a school-bus accident kills children in a small Alpine village — and one of those children comes back to life — the story is so much more unsettling than your average undead saga.”

After I finish that, I’m moving on to another Sundance offering: Top of the Lake (No. 7 on her list), which is now streaming on Netflix: “Sometimes the best television functions as both a critique of a genre and a brilliant example of what it’s critiquing,” Maerz writes. “That’s the case with Jane Campion’s mystery about a 12-year-old (Jacqueline Joe) who goes missing in small-town New Zealand, the detective (Elisabeth Moss) who sets out to find her, and a colony of ’emancipated’ women camped out along the lake.”

Your turn!

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