By Mandi Bierly
December 27, 2013 at 10:33 PM EST

Hudson Valley Ballers

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If you haven’t yet checked out Hudson Valley Ballers, the six-part web series starring Saturday Night Live writers Paula Pell and James Anderson, it’s time. Paula and James play versions of themselves — former college roommates who’ve been friends for 30 years and are comedy writers — who left the city and moved to the Hudson Valley to start a bed and breakfast for creative types. Paul Rudd and SNL‘s Kate McKinnon make appearances as James’ and Paula’s love interests, respectively. Rudd’s character, Tampa, is a muralist for Olive Garden and does voiceovers for porn. Yes, you’re going to want to watch episode 6, embedded below.

The web series, available on Above Average, Lorne Michaels’ YouTube channel, was shot at Pell’s home. Pell, who helped create SNL‘s Spartan Cheerleaders and music teachers Bobby and Marti, and Anderson, who wrote a lot of Kristen Wiig’s SNL material, play multiple characters, including a hateful old Broadway couple and country singers. (Fun fact: They sing a ditty the duo actually wrote in their 20s).

Another guest star: Pell’s beagle-basset mix William, the “Truth Basset” (when you hold him, you have to be 100 percent honest). The outtakes are hilarious. Check those out below. William now has his own Twitter account as well.

Fun fact: Pell’s other dog, pit bull Lucy, was featured on Late Night with  Jimmy Fallon when Tina Fey used a photo of Lucy to joke about her Emmy Awards nip slip. “The nipple dog — that’s my dog,” Pell says. “My dog got adopted and the next week was showing her nipples on Jimmy Fallon’s show. I think the rescue group that let me adopt her is like, ‘Glad she’s in a home where she’s being kept safe and not being exploited.'”

Watch Hudson Valley Ballers from the beginning:

Hudson Valley Ballers

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