By Laura Hertzfeld
December 27, 2013 at 03:26 PM EST
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Last week’s E! documentary I am Britney Jean revealed that Britney puts on a decent British accent (thanks, Grandma!) as well as some of the choreography and the 24-song set list for her two-year residency Piece of Me at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, which starts tonight. (Check back tomorrow for EW’s review of the inaugural show.)

The drama – will “Alien” make the list? – is gone, and we know what to expect when Britney takes the stage. Or do we? Planet Hollywood’s new theater is barely finished, Britney’s album sales are miserable, and it’s anyone’s guess how Friday night will go.

If Britney’s Twitter is any indication, she doesn’t look too nervous.

Based off the documentary, here’s what we know she’ll play – in a show that’s promised no lip-syncing and mega dance moves — so pass the Cheetos:

1. Work Bitch

2. Womanizer

3. 3

4. Oops… I Did It Again

5. …Baby One More Time

6. Me Against The Music

7. Slave 4 U

8. Toxic

9. Circus

10. Scream and Shout

11. Till The World Ends

12. Piece Of Me

13. Hot As Ice

14. Boys

15. Perfume

16. I Wanna Go

17. Lucky

18. Stronger

19. If U Seek Amy

20. Get Naked (I Got A Plan)

21. (You Drive Me) Crazy

22. Do Somethin’

23. Freakshow

24. Gimme More

If the set list makes you groan after about song No. 16, I doubt you’re alone (hey, at least that Smurfs song stayed on the cutting room floor).  While this tour is meant to be a big comeback for Britney and boost sales of her as-yet lackluster new album, Britney Jean, there are a few songs that leave a gaping hole by being excluded. Where’s “Hold It Against Me?”

But maybe there’s something we don’t know. This is live theater, after all. Perhaps she’ll throw in some mashups, or a cover of… well, pretty much anything. Britney doing something totally out of the box, like a slowed down version of “Straight Outta Compton” a la Nina Gordon would be amazing. Even a Madonna cover (“Borderline,” anyone?) or something Cher (she could mix in some “Strong Enough” with “Stronger”) would be good for the mix. I mean, this is Vegas.

Or maybe one of Britney’s pals will show up. Miley Cyrus, who’s rumored to be in town Friday night as well, could stop by to sing their collaboration, “Bangerz.” (Can’t a pop-obsessed girl dream?)

So what do you think? Will Britney blow our minds in Vegas and start a trend of younger performers hitting the Strip… or will she be toxic? Will everyone just leave Britney alone or will they want an even bigger piece of her? Share your thoughts in the comments.