Breaking news, guys: Former child star Miley Cyrus like, totally knows what sex is. It’s possible — possible — that she’s even done the deed herself once or twice. And if her latest video is any indication, Miley also knows a thing or two about… well, wrecking her own ball, if you know what I mean.

As those teaser clips demonstrated, a good portion of “Adore You” finds Cyrus writhing around on crisp white sheets as she caresses herself and stares seductively into the camera. Occasionally, she even whips out her own handheld recorder. And sometime, she also moves her hand below the metaphorical belt to do something that Mickey Mouse would certainly not approve.

Discussion questions:

1. At this point, exactly how well do you know the contours of Miley Cyrus’s naked body?

2. How well did you ever want to know the contours of Miley Cyrus’s naked body?

3. She’s singing to the sledgehammer from the “Wrecking Ball” video, right?

4. True or false: “I could do this for eternity/You and me/We’re meant to be/In holy matrimony” is about as lazy as rhyming gets.

5. Why does Miley lie mostly naked in bed, yet put on clothes (“clothes”) when she goes into the tub?

6. How red is Liam Hemsworth’s face right now?

7. Who leaked the video early? Was it you, f— face?