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Now that the mid-season finales have just about come to an end, what were the best and worst moments? Which shows made you scream? Which made you cry? And which ones will you spend your hiatus re-watching? We’ve rounded up the moments that will stick with us, for good or for bad.

Check out our mid-season finale awards below and hit the comments with your own nominations:

Best sex scene/flashback/dream sequence/we don’t care what it is because it’s hot: Will and Alicia, The Good Wife

There’s a reason this was included in our top ‘shipper moments of 2013.

Best made-up game: Ben invents The Cones of Dunshire, Parks and Recreation

Unemployed Ben is a comedic genius, and this was his best invention yet.

Best Coup d’Etat: Jake is Command, Scandal

Watching the downfall of Rowan Pope (and the rise of Jake) was equally shocking and satisfying. It still has us wondering: Can the president even do that?

Most realistic morning after AND best hand hold: Stefan and Katherine, The Vampire Diaries

Between Katherine running out of the room after she and Stefan slept together and their heartbreaking hand hold at the end of the hour, these two dominated this mid-season finale.

Most surprisingly effective death: The Golem, Sleepy Hollow

We didn’t think we would cry when the Golem died on Sleepy Hollow, but thanks to Ichabod’s hand hold, we were a bunch of blubbering fools.

Top tissue moment: Ryan re-enlists, Parenthood

Amber confesses her love for her fiance, and he informs her of the very thing we were afraid of: He’s a soldier, and he’s going back to war.

Best cringe-worthy moment that evoked an Emmy-worthy speech: Tony Goldwyn as Fitz and Joe Morton as Rowan, Scandal

Fitz talking about “screwing” Olivia was rough, but it was worth listening to for the “You are a boy” speech that Rowan (Joe Morton) gave. Somebody give Morton an Emmy!

Best almost kiss: Hayley and Elijah, The Originals

Enough with the warm embraces! Kiss already!

Worst cliffhanger: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Seconds after we thought Coulson could have died, he showed up again. Not to mention that nobody believes Mike is really gone.

Best undead villain: Slade, Arrow

Turns out Slade didn’t die on the island, and now he’s back as the man behind Brother Blood’s mirakuru plan. Plus, nothing says evil like an eye patch and superhuman strength.

Best dance break: Danny, The Mindy Project

There weren’t many dance breaks to compete with, but even if there had been, we’re pretty sure this ‘shipper moment stillwould’ve come out on top.

Best performance in an unfortunately ill-timed romantic monologue: Jesse Williams as Jackson Avery, Grey’s Anatomy

Jackson stopping April’s wedding and confessing that he loves even the things he doesn’t like about her? With those blue eyes? Shonda Rhimes knows how to do the love-triangle cliffhanger.

Outstanding achievement in pain-filled groaning: Diego Klattenhoff as Donald Ressler, Blacklist

If anybody made us feel physical pain this mid-season finale season, if was Klattenhoff.

Best man cry: Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, Supernatural

Losing Kevin Tran was hard enough before Ackles gave us the perfect single tear to close out the hour.

Best surprise cameo that we wish could last forever: Colin Donnell as Tommy, Arrow

When Tommy’s ghost arrived to give Ollie the perfect pep talk, it only made us miss him more.

Best spit take: Alan Cumming as Eli Gold, The Good Wife

The key to this spit take was the sheer amount of liquid that escaped Cumming’s mouth. Is there a better way to end an episode?

Best guest star: Andrew Rannells as Darren, How I Met Your Mother

He can crash our wedding anytime.

Best performance by neck veins: Ian Somerhalder as Damon, The Vampire Diaries

Damon breaking up with Elena gave us chills. Between Somerhalder’s teary blue eyes and bulging neck veins, emotions were running high for the lovable bad boy.

Most welcome exit for an unloved character: The governor, The Walking Dead

In a world full of death, this one was a long time coming.

Best Runaway Bride moment followed by the Wolverine award for falling to your knees in heartbreak: Reign

Mary riding off on horseback and leaving Francis to fall to his knees and scream out her name looked like something hot off the big screen. Well done, CW. Well done.

Most likely to make you throw something at the television: Julia kisses Ed, Parenthood

Not only was Julia cheating on her hunk of a husband, but this kiss played out so slowly that we probably could’ve thrown multiple things at our televisions.

Best ending we saw coming but still enjoyed for the love triangle moment: The Tomorrow People

We always knew Stephen would survive, but how great was it when John watched Cara panic?

Award for the most unrealistic cat-like reflexes that resulted in an even more unrealistic gunshot wound: Nashville

Teddy spotting a shooter, fighting off said shooter, and in effect, shooting his wife? Come on, Nashville. Really?!

Best cliffhanger immediately ruined by promos: The Vampire Diaries

Is Katherine dead?! Well, according to the promos …

Best excuse for murder: “The devil came in.” Sally Langston, Scandal

That Sally Langston will never change, and we love her for it.

Best set-up for a pilot: Arrow/The Flash

Watching Barry Allen get struck by lightning excited even those of us who aren’t big comic-book readers.

Best wedding/murder combo platter: Revenge

To be fair, Revenge was the only wedding/murder contender, but they do it so well, don’t they?

Most heartbreaking love confession ruined by a pants-less Scarlett: Hayden Panettiere as Juliette, Nashville

Juliette and Avery for the win!

Best near-series finale: Once Upon a Time

Once ended so conclusively that the episode seemed almost like the show’s final bow, period — at least, until the flash-forward that closed out the hour.

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