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Updated December 19, 2013 at 03:10 PM EST
Stieg Larsson
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Millennium Series

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Lisbeth Salander’s story is set to continue with a fourth book in the Millennium series, while a New York Yankee is allegedly planning a tell-all to take down the MLB. Read on for more of today’s top headlines:

A fourth book will enter the Millennium series with author David Lagercrantz picking up where the late author Stieg Larsson left off. Though Larsson had begun a fourth novel centered on Lisbeth Salander’s story, Lagercrantz will not be using the material. The book will be published in August 2015. [The Bookseller]

Alex Rodriguez is reportedly close to inking a deal to write a tell-all book about his battle with Major League Baseball. The New York Post reports that HarperCollins and Random House are two of the publishers fighting over A-Rod’s account. [Yahoo Sports]

Also writing a tell-all of sorts: President Obama’s half-brother Mark Obama Ndesandjo, who will publish a memoir in February titled Cultures: My Odyssey of Self-Discovery, about their father’s “alcohol-fueled beatings” and domestic violence. [AP]

William Powell, author of The Anarchist Cookbook, has told NBC the book should immediately go out of print, after 18-year-old Karl Pierson reportedly read the book before opening fire at a Colorado high school last week. [NBC News]

Daniel Clowes’ publisher has commented on Shia LaBeouf’s short film that plagiarized from Clowes’ graphic novel, calling the actor’s actions “baffling.” [LA Times]

Columbia University’s Rare Book & Manuscript Library has acquired the complete archive of Kitchen Sink Press, the comics publisher. [Publishers Weekly]

Here’s your long-read of the day: Lee Siegel examines the role of Pope Francis and the nude portrayal of Christ in works of art. [The New Yorker]

And your short-read: Need the recipe for Nietzsche’s Angel Food Cake? Rebecca Coffey’s got the answer at McSweeney’s. [McSweeney’s]

Plus, a listen: Ben Stiller narrates and comments on The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, James Turber’s short story which has been adapted to film multiple times, including the most recent remake starring and directed by Stiller. [USA Today]

The New Yorker unveiled the second part of its Best Books of 2013 list. [The New Yorker]

ICYMI: Saturday Night Live‘s Taran Killam’s debut comic book The Illegitimates hit shelves yesterday. Check out a sneak peek here.

Millennium Series

  • Book