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Of course you do! It all began when one of Lawrence’s pals bought the Hunger Games and American Hustle star a “copious amount of butt plugs” –“as a joke,” she claims. Suuuuure, Jennifer. Then, for some reason, she took the whole stash — various colors, sizes, materials and all — to a hotel. And… well, we’ll let J. Law take it from there. Shine on, you crazy diamond!

Reminder: The girl with all the butt plugs won an Oscar last year.

Now that we’ve heard the story, only one real question remains — who, exactly, gave Lawrence that vast assortment of sex toys? I’m holding out hope that it was somebody famous; Woody Harrelson, for example, seems like the sort of guy who’d find a “joke” like that hilarious. Ditto Bradley Cooper. Or maybe, just maybe, it was Josh Hutcherson — though I can’t really imagine Peeta in a sex shop. (Somebody on the Internet has undoubtedly written that fanfic already, right?)

American Hustle
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  • 138 minutes
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