By Erin Strecker
December 18, 2013 at 09:11 PM EST
Peter Kramer/NBC

Top of the Morning, former New York Times reporter Brian Stelter’s gossip-y, inside view documentation about the ratings wars between Good Morning America and the Today show, is in early development to become a Lifetime movie, EW has confirmed. Which means it’s time to dream cast it.

The book — read EW’s original review  — centers around the time when Ann Curry was let go from Today, so expect plenty of backstage explosions, as well as on-air passive aggressive comments,  from whomever is chosen to portray Matt Lauer, Ann Curry, Al Roker and all the rest. The story also get into booking wars, Robin Roberts’ cancer battle, and more.

Below, check out some of our dream casting pics for the television movie, and then tell us who you would like to see in those anchor chairs.

Matt Lauer: Rob Lowe. There is *literally* nothing Lowe loves more than a Lifetime biopic (see: Prosecuting Casey Anthony and Drew Peterson: Untouchable). He’s got the charming middle-aged good looks, but can also bring the requisite smarm to the portrayal. (True or not, Lauer is seen like the bad guy in the Curry situation.) Or would you prefer to see Lowe as George Stephanopoulos?

Ann Curry: Sandra Oh. Oh is leaving Grey’s Anatomy after this season and could be looking for a new project. The tough-as-nails but compassionate layers she brings to Dr. Cristina Yang could be great for Curry.

Al Roker: Roker — seen as the silly sidekick in the morning shows — will be tough to cast and not just be a weird Saturday Night Live impression (a la Kenan Thompson). I’d like to see post-The Office Craig Robinson take a stab at it; he’s funny, sure, but he also can do a serious scene. Or what about Jay Jackson, a.k.a. Lowe’s Parks and Rec co-star Perd Hapley? Ya’ heard?

Robin Roberts: Vanessa Williams is likely way too good for this, but the most talent would need to come from whomever takes on Roberts’ on-air cancer battle. How great would the Tony nominee be at showcasing the high and low points?

George Stephanopoulos: If Lowe isn’t cast as Lauer, he should play Stephanopoulos. If Lowe is already taken, what about John Stamos for the Good Morning America anchor?

Who would get you to tune in?