Credit: Netflix

The most heart- and hearth-warming holiday offering on Netflix? That’d be the streaming site’s Fireplace for Your Home, a classic that’s tailor-made for anyone who wants all the joy of a crackling blaze without the fear of possibly condemning Santa to a fiery death. (Or, you know, people who don’t have a fireplace.) There are even two “episodes” available — original flavor “Crackling Fireplace” and “Crackling Yule Log Fireplace,” which is set to seasonal tunes like “Deck the Halls.”

Somehow still not sold? Then I suggest feasting your eyes on these newly-released DVD-style Fireplace, extras, starting with an appropriately weighty trailer — which comes complete with a Don LaFontaine-style voiceover and breathless praise from luminaries like… some guy named Bert. (His contribution: “Fireplace for your Home is about a fireplace in your home.”)

Next, move on to this illuminating behind-the-scenes video, featuring the Fireplace‘s totally deadpan bespectacled director. He’ll take you inside the film’s cutthroat (cuttree?) casting process, show a glimpse of his on-set work, and even offer a few IMDB-worthy bits of commentary. (For example: “None of this ashing here on the left was written in. It just kind of happened on the day.”)

Fireplace for Your Home premieres… right now, or whenever you feel like it, on Netflix. (P.S. The user review voted most helpful is just as funny as these officially sanctioned videos. “To the viewer’s delight, the fire spreads [spoiler] to the other two logs in the fireplace!”)