Yule Log
Credit: The Hub Network

Congratulations, animated flame enthusiasts: The Hub is granting your dearest Christmas wish.

The network announced today that it plans to preempt all regular programming on the morning of Dec. 25 in order to feature its very own Yule Log. And not just any burning branch — one that’s My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic-themed. (Note the background — we’re at Pinkie Pie’s house! — and the stockings hung on the mantle with care, each of which is decorated with one of the Mane Six’s cutie marks.)

An official release (yes, of course this event is important enough to justify its own press release; why do you ask?) notes that the log will come complete with “songs of the season” playing in the background, as well as cameo appearances by “animated characters from a variety of Hub Network shows.” So wait — are we going to see some Decepticons try to steal Christmas, or what?

The MLPFIM Yule Log first appears at 6 a.m. ET on Wednesday, Dec. 25 and will keep burning bright through 10 a.m. ET. And if you miss out on all four hours of programming, don’t worry — a Brony somewhere will certainly be watching and editing together all the relevant pony bits.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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