By Katie Atkinson
Updated December 17, 2013 at 02:00 PM EST
Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

The Twelve Days of Christmas Classics is on! EW is putting the best versions of the most-covered Christmas songs up to a daily vote to compile the ultimate holiday playlist. (We’ve already covered “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” “The Christmas Song,” “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” “Let It Snow!,” “The Little Drummer Boy,” “O Holy Night,” “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” and “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.”) If your favorite singer isn’t in the list below, you better not pout: Each artist will only appear once throughout the 12 days. Listen to our top six, vote for your favorite, and let us know why you made your pick in the comments below.

UPDATE: The polls are closed, and we have our winners! Listen to YOUR ultimate holiday playlist here.

“Silent Night” has been around since 1818 (in its original German, at least), and one of our favorite versions was recorded just this year. (Are there any other early 19th-century jams on the charts today?)

Listen to our top six and vote in heavenly peace below for your favorite:

Elvis Presley (1957)

Since “Blue Christmas” isn’t on our list (let’s be honest, no one can touch Elvis’ version), we offer up his beautiful take on “Silent Night” instead. The haunting backup vocals are perfectly matched to his legendary vibrato.

The Temptations (1970)

The super-low intro and super-high interlude make this the most whimsical version on the list, but The Temptations are seriously soulful throughout. A lot of readers were bummed that their version of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” wasn’t included, but for our money, this complex “Silent Night” is a holiday highlight.

Stevie Nicks (1987)

The Fleetwood Mac frontwoman (and American Horror Story guest star!) simply sings “Silent Night,” letting her distinctive voice do most of the work. The variations on the melody in the chorus also make this version especially interesting.

Etta James (1998)

The blues singer was 60 years old when she recorded this version, and those extra years only add to the depth of her Hall of Fame vocals.

CeeLo (2012)

With all the costumes and the cats and the cockatoos, you might forget what a killer instrument the Voice mentor has. Well, allow us to introduce (or reintroduce) you to his powerhouse version of “Silent Night.”

Kelly Clarkson, ft. Reba McEntire and Trisha Yearwood (2013)

In this brand-new version, you get three times the country divas. The best part about their performance is that each lady gets her time to shine and then happily takes the backseat before all coming together for a glorious three-part harmony.

How did you pick your favorite? Make your case in the comments below! And hurry up: Voting closes daily at midnight ET.