For Taylor Swift, the perfect 24th birthday party included flowers, red balloons, and a “Royal” friend.

Lorde attended the Australian garden party (a quick trip from the singer’s native New Zealand), and Swift shared a handful of photos from her big day on Instagram, letting fans in on the classy-but-fun soiree.

Check out all the action below:

Here’s Taylor surrounded by her friends (who must be pretty dedicated to travel around the world for the country/pop singer!):

Taylor and Lorde light sparklers:

Seriously, this party is a Pinterest page come to life:

Taylor takes time to smell the roses:

Taylor, Lorde, and the ladies:

A “Royal” embrace and plenty of red balloons:

Swift just wrapped a show in Melbourne, and her next Red dates don’t start until February when she heads to London. Enjoy your Christmas vacation, birthday girl!