By Hillary Busis
August 04, 2017 at 11:28 AM EDT

With all the hubbub surrounding Saturday Night Live‘s imminent cast addition, it could be easy to forget that there will be a new episode of the show tonight. But SNL does indeed have 90 minutes of new material (minus commercials and wailing from Kings of Leon) to present for our viewing pleasure this evening — and it’s going to be good.

Why do I predict that? Because of this:

And this:

And, of course, this:

In short: It’s crazy — criminal, even — that John Goodman hasn’t hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live since November of 2001.

With 12 stints under his belt, Goodman ranks as SNL‘s third-most frequent host even without tonight’s turn; you don’t rack up that many appearances (one every year from 1989 through 2001, minus 1991 for some reason) unless you know what you’re doing. And Goodman certainly does; at the height of his SNL dominance, he was practically an honorary cast member. (Side note: If you want a crash course in ’90s ephemera, just read the list of musical acts who appeared on Goodman’s episodes. Faith No More! Everclear! Jewel! Paula Cole! Ja Rule!!! What I’m saying is: Good luck, Kings of Leon.)

Will Goodman inspire drop-bys from more ghosts of SNL past? Might the show possibly try to revive his most famous SNL character — Clinton-era footnote Linda Tripp? And should we expect, at the very least, a cameo by Alec Baldwin, who’s still holding onto the “most shows hosted” record that he set in 2011? (Such an appearance might be a good PR move, considering Baldwin’s recent woes.)

Speculate away in the comments — and check back tomorrow for a full recap.