Credit: Patrick McMullan / AP Images

Another classic TV title is getting a prime-time reboot: A new version of The Odd Couple is in the works at CBS co-starring Matthew Perry.

Danny Jacobson (Mad About You) is the writer on the project, which at this point is just a script order with a penalty attached.

There’s no story details yet, with CBS simply saying the project based on Neil Simon’s Broadway classic about two mismatched roommates — the perfectionist Felix Ungar and lackadaisical Oscar Madison (Perry will play Oscar, which is a bit of a surprise given the fussiness of Perry’s previous sitcom characters). There’s been the 1965 play version, a 1968 film and a 1970-75 series (starring Jack Klugman and Tony Randall).

The Odd Couple marks Perry’s third attempt in recent years at a new sitcom project, following ABC’s Mr. Sunshine and NBC’s Go On. Unlike those two series, The Odd Couple is conceived as a multi-cam (studio audience-style) comedy instead of single-cam, which returns Perry to the Friends format.