By Jennifer Arellano
December 12, 2013 at 03:03 PM EST
Charles Sykes/Bravo

Oh televised award shows — wherein we mere plain folk must watch boldface names get to hobnob with other boldface names, air-kiss their publicists, devour fancy dinners, and wear haute couture like it’s a basic t-shirt. Surely it can’t be all fun and games?

Well, actually it just might be. Of the cannibis sativa kind, that is.

Multiple Emmy, Golden Globe, and BAFTA nominee, Susan Sarandon, admitted that she got a little help from a leafy friend on those award shows, on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live Wednesday night.

“Name one major Hollywood event that you showed up to stoned,” asked host Andy Cohen.

“Only one?” asked Sarandon, while clapping her hands and cackling at Cohen’s surely delirious request.

“I would say almost all except the Oscars,” she said. (She did win Best Actress in a Leading Role for Dead Man Walking in 1996.)

Watch the esteemed actress’ high-flying admission below: