December 12, 2013 at 08:26 PM EST

I dare you to look at The Rich Kids of Instagram Tumblr for any less than 10 minutes. Sure, its staying power is mostly for reasons of anger and disgust, or maybe even sheer aesthetic interest, but you have to admit that it is interesting. The creator, who chooses to remain anonymous, and Maya Sloan, author of High Before Homeroom, are honing in on that morbid appeal by adapting The Rich Kids of Instagram into a novel, due for release in July 2014.

Considering the snark of the Tumblr’s tagline, “They have more money than you and that is what they do,” the book seems more likely to comment upon the unapologetic extravagance the characters of The Rich Kids of Instagram represent, rather than idealize it. But if the cover above, revealed exclusively to EW, is anything to go by, expect the novel be as bawdy and shocking as its internet counterpart.

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