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December 12, 2013 at 08:00 PM EST

Comparing Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel is like comparing “The Baby Bachelor” and the “Puppy Predictors” — adorable, fun, a little bit wrong, but mostly inevitable. However, the good news is that overall, 2013 was good to both hosts. Politically, it might have been a little better to Fallon considering his upcoming gig taking over Jay Leno’s The Tonight Show in 2014. But on a creative level, both late-night hosts brought their A game.

Fallon spent 2013 perfecting the art of getting celebrities to play ridiculously awesome games. From playing “Sticky Balls” with Channing Tatum to getting Ryan Reynolds to agree to a very wet game of war, Fallon was a master at making viral videos. Some of his many highlight include:

Every time he took a hit song and remixed it Kindergarten-style. His biggest hit? “Blurred Lines” with Robin Thicke:

Then there was just about anything he did with Justin Timberlake. From their “History of Rap” videos to the “Evolution of End Zone Dancing,” Fallon could not go wrong with J.T. by his side, the perfect example of which was their great “#Hashtag” sketch:

Speaking of getting celebs to do crazy awesome things, there was that one time that Fallon got Brad Pitt to fake yodel. And no one can deny Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s impressive lip-synching skills:

But let’s not forget the bigger production sketches, a.k.a. Fallon’s great parodies. First, there was his Game of Thrones video, titled “Game of Desks,” but the year’s best has to go to his Breaking Bad parody, “Joking Bad”:

And, of course, the always adorable Puppy Predictors:

Switching gears to Kimmel, we move away from the musical performances and on-set games and into the movie trailers and videos that asked for help from the viewers, not just the celebs.

First up, Kimmel continued a valued (and hilarious) tradition with his third annual “I told my kids I ate all their Halloween candy” video:

But one of the greatest things Kimmel did is rework movie trailers to market a film to a new audience. Ladies and gentleman, I give you Thor Actually:

And when he had a little more time on his hands, Kimmel created entirely new music videos, such as “(I Wanna) Channing all over your Tatum” featuring everyone from Miley Cyrus to Jamie Foxx:

Stepping away from his time as host, there was one experiment that Kimmel tried this year, which was met with much success. After a viral video starting surfacing on the Internet of a young girl twerking and, through a combination of accidents, catching her leg on fire, the host revealed that he was indeed behind the “Twerk fail” video. It was simply an experiment, but it’s one we must applaud him for:

And obviously, the greatest thing Kimmel did in 2013 has to be “The Baby Bachelor,” where his 3-year-old nephew Wesley began his journey for love using the Chris Harrison-approved method.

All in all, I have to crown Jimmy Fallon the champion of 2013 late night. Between the things he got celebs to do on his show to just about every sketch he did with Timberlake, he was unstoppable. And although I will give Kimmel an honorable mention for his recent bit in which Benedict Cumberbatch did a dramatic reading of R. Kelly lyrics, it wasn’t quite enough to put him on top.

Both hosts are performing at the top of their game, and both could be considered winners, but Fallon somehow inched ahead in 2013. For now, it looks like cute puppies defeat cute babies.

What do you all think, PopWatchers? Which host was your favorite to watch in 2013? Sound off in the comments!

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