Are you a fan of Homeland? What about Game of Thrones? How about Mad Men? Well maybe you should go back to bed and not even read this post. Because the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is not your friend today. Below are the biggest shocks and snubs from this year’s list of the 71st annual Golden Globes TV nominations:

SNUB: Showtime’s Homeland. The winner for best drama series the past two years, with four awards last year, the espionage drama was an obvious no-brainer frontrunner. This time? Nothing. Nothing! NOTHING! No drama nod, no Claire Danes, no Damian Lewis, no Mandy Patinkin — not even a Globesian shocker twist nom for Morgan “Dana” Saylor. Homeland was arguably over-awarded its first season, definitely over-awarded its second season. But this is a rather stunning shakeup.

SNUB: AMC’s Mad Men. Again: Nothing! The former awards darling that dominated drama categories for years left completely out in the cold. Not even an acting nod for Jon Hamm, who was nominated last year.

SNUB: HBO’s Game of Thrones. Thrones too. Season 3 was arguably the fantasy hit’s best and the Globes have honored Thrones with a drama series nomination before, so it’s not like they’re not watching. And not even a nod for Peter Dinklage, who won best supporting two years ago? It’s like Thrones, Homeland and Mad Men — three of the most talked-about, acclaimed, best-acted dramas around — weren’t even on the air.

SNUB: FX’s Justified. Though we’re kind of used to it now.

SHOCK: Showtime’s Masters of Sex nominated for best drama. This is the type of series you imagine the HFPA enjoying — a sexy period drama that thumbs its nose at American prudishness. But more than the snubbed lot?

SHOCK: CBS’ The Good Wife nominated for best drama series. Wait — this is the good kind of shock. The Good Wife was certainly deserving for having stunned fans by unexpectedly delivering its best season during its fifth year on the air and it’s been nominated in this category before in 2011. But we’re still impressed the cable-focused HFPA noticed, especially considering the shows that were snubbed.

SHOCK: Fox’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine for best comedy. A good show, sure. But Gold Derby picked the 10 most likely candidates for best comedy series. This wasn’t one of them. Among the snubbed: The return of Arrested Development.

SNUB: Fox’s Glee. Not that we’re not arguing. But when an awards show has a category for best comedy or musical and there’s only one comedy-musical on the air and it’s won the category before and is usually nominated in this category … its continuing absence deserves a mention.

SHOCK: Tatiana Maslany, BBC America’s Orphan Black. Another good kind of shock. Maybe now the Emmys will know who she is?

SHOCK: Monica Potter, NBC’s Parenthood. Finally some recognition there.

SNUB: Anna Gunn, AMC’s Breaking Bad. Time to write another op-ed?

SHOCK: Liev Schreiber, Showtime’s Ray Donovan. Just wasn’t a performance you really heard anybody talking about. Especially since —

SNUB: Jeff Daniels, HBO’s The Newsroom. This year’s Emmy winner, now Globes shut-out.