By Grady Smith
December 12, 2013 at 08:32 PM EST
Alison Rosa
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This morning, Oscar Isaac scored a Best Actor in a Motion Picture (Comedy or Musical) nomination for his breakout role in Inside Llewyn Davis. We caught up with the star to get his reaction:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Congrats on the nomination! That must feel great. But does having to do hours of interviews at the crack of dawn put a damper on things?

OSCAR ISAAC: [Laughs] A little bit. My family is like, “What the crap, man? Answer your phone!”

If you decide to indulge yourself and celebrate, what will you do?

I guess do some drinking. I’ve been trying to stay away from it because you need the energy, but I might have to have a celebratory champagne. I do love streaking, so I’m kind of fighting the urge to streak in the airplane up and down the aisle. I’ll let you know as I get into this champagne.

What was your favorite moment while shooting Inside Llewyn Davis?

It was pretty surreal that moment when I was in the car and saw John Goodman sitting behind me and just killing it. That was one of those moments where, no matter how much I had to convince myself that I was not in a Coen brothers movie just so I wouldn’t get paralyzed, I was like, “Wow. Nope, I am in a Coen brothers movie.”

You’d had other substantial roles, but this is obviously your mainstream breakout. Can you believe you’re now part of an awards conversation?

No, it’s completely unbelievable! As far as I was concerned, I won when I got the lead in a Coen brothers movie. Anything on top of that has just been absolutely unexpected and feels great.

What did the Coen brothers say when they offered you the role? Did they ever insinuate that they felt they were taking a chance on you?

I think it’s an industry that’s run by fear, mostly, and people are constantly afraid to take a chance on someone. But I don’t think they operate that way. They weren’t under any duress to have to do that. I do think that they did take a chance on me, but as far as what they said to me, they said I was just the right guy for the part.

You spend a lot of this movie with a cat. Do you like them?

Uh, I like them when they’re not near me.

In your mind, who gave the performance of the year?

I think Mads Mikkelsen in The Hunt. I just think he’s a great actor, and that’s such a tragic and subtle and beautiful performance.

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