Anyone attending Thirty Seconds to Mars’s sold-out concert in St. Louis tonight is in for a special treat: They’ll get to see Jared Leto’s very first show since being nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Golden Globe this morning.

Leto wasn’t even awake when the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced that he was up for the award; instead, the Dallas Buyers Club star tells EW that he was “on a bunk aboard a bus that’s traveling across America in the absolute freezing cold, dead asleep.” Adds Leto: “I still may be sleeping; I’m not sure.”

But Leto will be fully alert tonight, when he takes the stage for another performance with his band — one that will double as a post-nominations victory lap. “Any night onstage with Thirty Seconds to Mars is a great night,” he says. “It’s a celebration. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the night celebrating this nomination. Our shows are all about a celebration. It’s all about a celebration of life, and it’s a wonderful way to spend your life, sharing excitement and creativity with people all around the world.”

After the band’s latest tour ends in Tulsa on Dec. 21, Leto may actually have some time to let the praise sink in — though the actor, who took a nearly six-year break between making his last movie (Mr. Nobody) and taking on Dallas Buyers Club, isn’t sure yet whether he’ll be tackling another film anytime soon. “It depends on the film,” says Leto. “I would love to find a story or a character as compelling as Rayon” — the transgender anti-AIDS crusader he plays opposite Matthew McConaughey.

“I’ve never been in a hurry to make the most films; I just want to make the most interesting, the most challenging, the most rewarding,” the star continues. And Dallas certainly fell under that umbrella: “It was the role, it was the script, it was the group of people that were involved,” that drew Leto back into movies. “All of those things made it impossible to not be a part. I hadn’t made a film in almost six years, and it was time. It’s just absolutely insane that I took such a long break and have returned to film and had this kind of support and enthusiasm and love around this film and this performance. There’s a lot to be grateful for.”

Leto’s so grateful that he hasn’t even grown tired of the one topic brought up more often than any other while doing press for Dallas: The dramatic 40-pound weight loss he underwent for the role. Answering questions about it “doesn’t bother me,” Leto says. “It’s a strange thing to do, so I could imagine why people would want to talk about it. You know, sometimes people lose a little weight here and there, but when you do it to such an extreme, I understand why it becomes a topic of conversation. We’re all fascinated by weight gain and loss anyway. It’s a big part of our culture. So yeah, it makes sense to me.”

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