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The One and Only

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There’s a new Emily Giffin novel coming May 20, and that means there’s already plenty of anticipation and another pretty color-blocked cover on the way. There isn’t a ton of official information about The One and Only available yet — it’s apparently an “extraordinary story of love and loyalty” with “an unconventional heroine struggling to reconcile both” — but Giffin took the time to give EW a few more details. Also, check out the exclusive cover below!

What’s The One and Only about? How did you come up with the premise for it?

It’s a story about love and friendship set against the backdrop of Texas football. Think Friday Night Lights meets When Harry Met Sally. The story really would have worked in a variety of settings (I considered Wall Street for a moment), but I’m a big sports fan, as much for the actual competition as the inherent drama of the game being played.

Do you feel that this book is well-suited to a Hollywood adaptation? Who do you imagine in the lead roles?

Yes, it does feel like a natural fit for Hollywood, not only because it involves a famous quarterback and legendary coach, but because it is a surprising love story that defies the typical romantic formula. Also, I think that the combination of a dramatic sports narrative and a grown-up love story will attract both male and female audiences. As for the leading roles, I almost never imagine specific actors when I write my books, but this time, I couldn’t help picturing George Clooney as Coach Carr. I’m not sure about the role of Shea, but my sister and best friend (who have read the book) have both suggested Jennifer Lawrence.

Do your girlfriends beg you for spoilers, tidbits of what you’re currently writing?

They don’t have to beg! Without giving away the ending, I’m an open book, so to speak. Just look at my Facebook page!

Your fans really know the covers of your books by now, and speculate on what color they’ll be. Are you excited about this cover? Do you think the color/design reflects what’s inside?

My covers — from the color to the design to the typeface — have always been so important to me, but perhaps none has involved as much intense collaborative effort as this one. We really wanted to keep my overall “look,” but also reflect that I’ve evolved a bit over the course of seven books. I think the cover captures the substance of the story as well as its unconventional heroine. I truly love our final design.

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The One and Only

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