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Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched the mid-season finale of The Tomorrow People, stop reading now!

Stephen’s okay! Aldus Crick is not! Jedekiah has a heart! John has a super sexy smirk! I have so many feelings right now, I’m not even sure where to begin. Each week I’ve become more invested in these Tomorrow People and their foes, and in the mid-season finale, I got everything I could’ve asked for: There was action. There was mystery. There was love. There was intrigue. And, of course, there was a shirtless Stephen. Let’s dig in!

Things kicked off with a little torture because, you know, why not? The founder wanted John to reveal the location of The Tomorrow People, but John wasn’t exactly in the mood for chitchat. The best part of this scene? John trying to be all macho with his “If I ever get free” threat, and the founder freeing him immediately and tossing him around the room. “I broke out before you were born boy,” he told John. Luckily, Stephen intervened before the torture could go any further.

Back underground, Russell and Cara decided to kidnap Morgan, Jedekiah’s lover, and negotiate a prisoner exchange: Morgan for John. After Cara did a little ass kickin’ and paid Jedekiah a visit, the deal was on. Who else swooned when Cara said, “Give me back the thing I love and I might return the favor”? I still can’t pick between Stephen and Cara and John and Cara. Somebody help me! Also, give me some good ‘shipper name suggestions!

Before John could escape, the founder let the cat out of the bag: John had killed Roger. Stephen confronted the Tomorrow People leader, and John confirmed the story. Surprisingly though, Stephen refrained from punching John and instead chose to help him escape. Stephen still firmly believed his father was alive, so the whole you-shot-my-father thing was put on hold. This Stephen kid is the opposite of a hot head. He must do yoga.

Minutes later, John’s next visitor was a little taller and a little creepier. Jedekiah had come in to “say goodbye.” He leaned down and seemingly kissed John’s head before telling him “Goodbye son.” John reciprocated by spitting in Jed’s face. Even knowing how evil Jed is, I always find spitting on people to be a little harsh. But that’s neither here nor there. Jed then called Stephen into his office, where he revealed that he knew Cara still has her powers. Stephen used the classic excuse — I love her — and apparently Jedekiah is a big ole softie when it comes to L.O.V.E. (and I love it.) He informed Stephen of his plan to get John out.

Basically, Jed kissing John’s head was actually him handing John a key and telling him to wait for Stephen. John then (fake) took Stephen captive, shot out a few D-chips and teleported the heck out of that place. And just like that, Cara returned Morgan to Jed … for like half a second before Jed asked them to take Morgan right back underground. A microscope was going to be put on Jed now that John had escaped, so he wanted to protect his lady love. Sweet, right? This Jedekiah is one very mysterious man with an even more mysterious name.

With John out, Stephen had him helping to try and find limbo. Basically, Stephen was trying to stop time in the middle of a teleport. All it ended up doing was giving us a sweaty John and a sweatier Stephen. But don’t get too excited: They kept their shirts on.

Back at home, Stephen read his mother’s mind and found out she at least knew of Thanatos. How far her knowledge goes is TBD. She gave her son a box of his dad’s research materials, in which he found a video of The Thanatos Project from 2007. Aldus Crick watched as Roger failed to do what Stephen had just failed to do: Stop time mid-jump. Being the chosen one is a sweaty, exhausting job, you guys. But when Roger mentioned “an alternate method” to finding limbo, Stephen decided to pay a little visit to Dr. Crick.

Crick got as far as telling Stephen that one had to die before finding limbo. He then warned him against things Stephen couldn’t possible understand, but before Crick could explain, Ultra showed up and shot the adorable doc, which I found incredibly upsetting. This founder guy and his creepy blue eyes are on my list. Not only did he kill Crick, but he told Jedekiah to tie up his “loose ends,” a.k.a. kill Morgan. Jedekiah said he’d take care of it.

Flash forward to the moment when Jedekiah and Morgan met up and slept together only for Jedekiah to then shoot her in her sleep! He covered her head with a pillow and pulled the trigger, and I was all, “After EVERYTHING you just did to protect her?!” However, it seemed I overreacted when Morgan showed back up underground. Jedekiah faked her death to protect her, which meant I owed that evil genius an apology.

But I wasn’t the only one needing to apologize for something. Relationship drama was the name of the game when John finally told Cara that he shot Roger and had been lying to The Tomorrow People for, like, ever. He then brought up her lying to him about sleeping with Stephen — nice try, John — but she informed him that had only happened because she could never be with John “all the way.” And now she knows why. Boom. The lesson: We don’t need a jaunt for Cara to school John!

After his heartbreaking visit to see Aldus Crick, Stephen had a plan. He wanted John to kill him so that he could stop time right at the moment of his death. He claimed that was what his father did when John shot him. Everyone reluctantly agreed. But before Stephen could die, he did what any high schooler would do: He asked for a pizza party! John, Cara, Russell, and Astrid all came over. Astrid reassured Stephen he was cuter than John while STARING at John (could you blame her?!). But she quickly saw through the crap and asked what was up. Stephen said he was going away to get his father. She very sweetly volunteered to join, but Stephen told her it was too far.

Once the party ended, it was time to kill Stephen. Before going under, he had a few just-in-case questions: He asked John to watch over his family and asked Cara to forgive John. Why is Stephen so zen? Yoga or no yoga, I’m thinking Cara finds his fairness (and abs) crazy attractive.

Back to business: John stopped Stephen’s heart, leaving Cara responsible for bringing him back/being in his head and communicating with him the entire time. Cara attempted to bring Stephen back 20 seconds before brain damage, but it didn’t seem to work. She began to panic. I don’t know about you all, but my ‘shipper heart was absolutely shredded watching John watch Cara freak out. I’m so torn!

And it looks like I will continue to be, because Stephen is fine! His plan worked. He saw his dad. Next step: They need to find Roger’s body.

Just like that, it’s all over! What did you guys think of the mid-season finale? And what did the founder mean when he referred to Stephen’s ultimate purpose? Sound off in the comments below!

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