By Samantha Highfill
December 10, 2013 at 12:00 PM EST
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Your regular recapper, Sandra Gonzalez, is out for the night, so I will be trying (and failing) to fill her shoes. Luckily, when she finds the time to catch up, she has a very entertaining hour ahead of her. And by entertaining, I mean full of relationship drama. The lesson of tonight’s episode is that relationships are complicated… particularly when all of your exes are entangled in the same investigation. Shall we start trying to detangle this web?

The episode kicked off when a marine was murdered by a clown — which did not help my fear of clowns — and Gibbs and the team traced the victim’s calls to a hotel room. But it was the familiar faces inside that hotel room that were the real surprise: Diane and Fornell were caught almost in the act. But if they were in the room all night, who had made the call to the victim’s cell? Well, simply because Diane wasn’t confused enough standing in a room with her ex-husband and her other ex-husband, she revealed she also had an ex-boyfriend. Well, not quite ex. He didn’t pick up the phone when she called to break things off.

All drama aside, the fact that the victim had Diane’s boyfriend’s phone on him made said boyfriend suspect number one. Cue the search for Eddie, who was a hunk, by the way. So while Bishop spent her days filling out forms and getting acquainted with dead bodies, the team located Eddie’s car in long-term parking at the airport. There was a clown nose in his trunk along with blood from four separate victims. Suddenly, Eddie wasn’t seeming so hunky.

They tracked Eddie down at a storage unit, where Fornell took a swing at the man who had been sleeping with his ex-wife. Back at the station, Eddie revealed what was really happening: His name wasn’t Eddie. He dropped the accent and revealed he was a special agent working undercover for the Secret Service. The guy they were looking for was named Elijah. And just like that, the ex-boyfriend was hunky again.

It didn’t take long for Elijah to find out that the police had “Eddie,” so he kidnapped Fornell’s daughter, Emily, for ransom. When Elijah requested Bishop be the one to bring him the money, she agreed. And what would you know? She ended up saving the day by rescuing Emily. However, her glory was short-lived when Emily revealed what she had done. While she was kidnapped, she had slipped her “Happy Cat Friend Alert” watch into Elijah’s bag. It had Bluetooth, and they were able to track him down. I don’t really know what that watch is, but it allowed Fornell to get in his second punch of the episode. Well played, Miss Emily.

And finally, after an hour of both Fornell and Diane venting to Gibbs, they showed up at his house together to ask for his blessing before they took a second run at things. The answer? We will have to wait and see.

What did you all think of the episode? How is Bishop fitting into things? And what are your thoughts on a Fornell-Diane reunion? Sound off in the comments!

Best quotes: 

Fornell on Diane’s buff ex-boyfriend: “His chest is bigger than Diane’s!”

Emily: “”

Diane on herself and Fornell: “We do not fight. We are just very loud.”

Fornell to Diane’s ex-boyfriend: “So sit down, you walking midlife crisis!”

Diane to all three of her exes: “Watch it, boys. I know something about each and every one of you that you don’t want anybody else to know, and I got a Twitter account.”

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