By Shirley Li
Updated August 04, 2017 at 03:30 PM EDT
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Not all Saturday Night Live fans embraced the return of Bill Brasky. But while most probably changed the channel after a few seconds or so of the final sketch (see below) from the Paul Rudd-helmed episode, Tim Meadows decided to post his feelings on the Internet.

The former SNL cast member took to his Facebook page to air his grievances, writing, “They did Brasky with out me” — the first in a string of posts about his disappointment at not being invited to the show.

Meadows’ followers responded immediately, sending their condolences and asking what happened. The actor and comedian answered in a series of comments, explaining his displeasure at not being asked to come back for the skit, which he usually took part in (the Brasky sketch used Kenan Thompson in his place as the last Brasky Buddy to join the others), and for missing the chance to take his kids to see musical guest One Direction — er, “5 directions,” according to Meadows.

“Not even a ‘hey would you want to come to do one line and bring your kids to see the 5 directions…?’ Nothing… Wow,” Meadows wrote. “I guess it just dawned on me that I mean NOTHING to them… It doesn’t matter in the long run. I’m grateful for what they did for me. But everyone in a while as a fan and a alumni, it stings a little to not even be considered as someone they would like to come back around… I’m not Anchor Man and I’m not promoting a show so who would want to pay for me to fly to NYC. I’m nobody… NOBODY!!”

He declared “I will never watch SNL again” and claimed the show was rejecting him for starring in the box office flop The Ladies Man, a film based on a character from his sketches. “If it would have done better they wouldn’t treat me like a red headed step child,” Meadows wrote.

But all caps and exclamation points aside, Meadows later backed down from his frustrated stance on the sketch, writing “no big deal” as comments continued to pour in, and writing an apologetic post.

“Thanks everyone for all your kind comments,” he wrote. “I’m not mad at the show. I know what it takes to produce those sketches in a short amount of time. I talked to a friend on the show who said it WAS a last minute sketch. I acted like a baby. I’m happy for all of my friends success and will always be grateful and proud to have been a part of SNL.”

And just to make sure all his fans got the message, Meadows typed one last post to end his Brasky frenzy: “I feel better and after a Mimosa I take back everything I said before!”

So, PopWatchers, what do you make of Meadows’ reaction to his “snub”? Over-the-top or justified? And when should we be expecting a similar tirade from Ana Gasteyer about the sketch?

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