By Dalton Ross
Updated December 09, 2013 at 04:07 PM EST
SoA Sunshine Maggie Siff
Credit: James Minchin/FX

It’s been the wildest of rides for Tara this season on Sons of Anarchy. She faked both a pregnancy and a miscarriage in an attempt to get herself and her sons away from SAMCRO. But then her plan went haywire when the truth came out and she is now hiding out in a motel with her boys as we head into Tuesday’s season 6 finale.

So what did the actress who plays Tara, Maggie Siff, think when SOA creator Kurt Sutter first explained her storyline for the season? “My eyes sort of rolled back into my head,” said Siff when she called into Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105). “My first concern…as an actor was how to make it believable, that she would do this and go to these lengths.”

What it all comes down to, notes Siff, is Tara turning into the woman she fears the most, her mother-in-law, Gemma. “If you want to see the full bloom of Tara living in this world, it’s that she becomes Gemma,” says Siff. “And this is the most Gemma-like she’s ever been and the most Gemma-like she’s ever behaved in terms of how intricate and how manipulative and how thought through it is. Ultimately, the difference is that she’s doing it for the good of her children, which I think is an important distinction.”

But what will be the result of her actions? We’ll have to wait until Tuesday’s season finale to see for ourselves, but you can hear Siff discuss Tara 2.0 by clicking on the video player below. And to enjoy out entire conversation with the star, tune into EW Morning Live on Entertainment Weekly Radio Tuesday morning.

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