Britney Spears told the U.K.’s Telegraph that her 2005 reality TV show Chaotic with Kevin Federline was her worst career move ever — and we couldn’t agree with her more! The five-episode UPN series, which documented the courtship and engagement between Spears and her ex-husband in the summer of 2005, was not a great look in the pop star’s otherwise fantastic career up to that point.

Revisiting the show, we found five reasons why Chaotic was, indeed, her worst career move:

1. Her truth was too superficial (and too zoomed-in). It’s one thing for Britney to put her personal life on wax; it’s another for her to put it on tape. In the first episode, titled “Can You Handle My Truth,” Spears is in a not-so flattering position as she faces her “Britney Cam” and talks about how she doesn’t want an ugly guy, but the camera’s all in her nasal passage and undone hair extensions. Whoa, zoom out a bit, Brit!

2. Kevin Federline: Britney’s boy toy. I don’t know about you, but every time Kevin held the camera, I instantly thought “Britney’s boy toy.” From the slobbering makeout session with Britney to the constant conversations about sex he just seemed like a piece of meat and nothing more.

3. Chaotic made Britney look deranged. Besides Britney’s constant unflattering appearance (the messy hair, the oversize sweatpants), the show portrayed her in a deranged light. Spears comes off a little insane when she believes that her union with Federline was forced, strangely holding a cigarette lighter while talking to Kevin. Where was an editing crew when we needed it? I guess love can make you look even crazier some days.

4. Did we mention she was way too personal? Some moments with your significant other should stay private. That wasn’t the case with Britney in this series, as Spears was a bit too willing to show off her goodies in front of Kevin. She might have shot the footage thinking it would be just a home video, but then she willingly handed it off to UPN for the world to see.

5. Too much camera time for Kevin. OK, it was the Britney and Kevin show, but it did seem like he was trying to stretch his 15 minutes of fame to 25. In the season finale, he creates a montage of the moments we already saw in the tabloids and in the four prior episodes.