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It’s down to four teams on tonight’s season 23 finale of The Amazing Race (update: read’s full recap here). Self-proclaimed “Afghanimals” Leo and Jamal, dating New Englanders Jason and Amy, volatile exes Tim and Marie, and the increasingly tension-plagued RoboDocs Travis and Nicole will make their way through a zany Tokyo obstacle course before arriving back at America’s last frontier, Alaska.

Click through to see host Phil Keoghan’s personal photos from the finale and his thoughts on the final four pairs!

Phil’s Thoughts on the Final Four:

Travis and Nicole: “I think in the beginning, things were coming easy to them. And now that the best of the best are left, I think they are getting a little more critical of each other.”

Jason and Amy: “They’re a powerhouse… Could they be more affectionate with each other? Sometimes I want to tell them to get a room, please. Let’s remember that you’re on The Amazing Race. It’s like a love fest all the time! Nice to see, though.”

Leo and Jamal: “They’ve have really alienated themselves from the other teams…. I think at this point, the other three teams really just want to see them go away.”

Tim and Marie: “Whew! Who imagined that they would make it this far? Well, I know Marie thought that she would!”

Which team is your favorite to win? Discuss below…

It’s important to not be afraid of heights on The Amazing Race, and the New Zealander sets a good example. Tonight, in the Tokyo leg, teams will have to either participate in a game of human bowling or strip down for a phone call at the bottom of a giant fish bowl (pictured).

“Now you know the Japanese are known for their outrageous game shows, and there is nothing funnier than watching our Amazing Racers join a Japanese game show,” says Keoghan. (Indeed — we all remember season 20’s trip to Bring That Chicken Home!)

“Tokyo! We love Japan,” says Keoghan. “Tokyo is such a vibrant city. When the teams arrive they really get caught up in the energy of the city.”

Eventually the teams make their way to Juneau, Alaska — where helicoptering is the only way to fly.

“Also, without giving away too much, a rhino gets out of a zoo, and the teams have to capture the rhino,” says Keoghan. “That’s all I’ll say.”

Who do you think will take home the million bucks?

The season 23 finale of ‘The Amazing Race’ airs from 8-10 p.m. ET tonight on CBS.

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