By Marc Snetiker
Updated December 07, 2013 at 06:10 PM EST

Rebecca Black is back — and she’s brought a friend!

While zombie apocalypses have been in vogue this year, we seem to have forgotten that there still exists an as-yet-unvanquished threat to our sanity: Black, the 16-year-old viral video star who became a buzzy (perhaps a light way of putting it) overnight sensation in 2011 with her so-bad-it’s-bad music video “Friday”, has returned with a follow-up song that picks up, well, exactly where her previous calendar-related musical entry ended. Black is joined by fellow YouTube star Dave Days, who has built a very respectable reputation for himself with his parodies and covers of popular songs.

Saturday” finds Black and her entire partying-partying-yeah! crew picking up the messy pieces of a crazy Friday night fete, replete with discarded solo cups, passed-out teenagers aplenty, and a portable poker set that’s oh so askew. Soon, the kids hit the beach and throw another house party, singing their hearts out about their big weekend plans: “This Saturday we gonna party all night/ one we will remember for the rest of our lives./This Saturday we gonna do it bigger than/ we ever have before, I don’t want this Saturday to end!/ I don’t want this Saturday to end!”

It’s deep stuff, to be sure, and the video is loaded with references to Black’s 2011 “hit,” including at least one bowl of cereal and an unfortunate choice of Sharpie art. Unfortunately, while it attempts to be self-reflexive and in on its own joke (stick around through the very end for proof of this), it doesn’t quite accomplish the goal of being much better than its predecessor. Watch the music video below, and sound off in the comments whether this is your dream Saturday or the beginning of something far more sinister.