By Bronwyn Barnes
Updated December 06, 2013 at 09:02 PM EST
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Not sure what to get the pop culture geek in your life this holiday season? PopStyle is here to help! From the hottest gadgets to the oddest collectibles, we’re rounding up the best gifts in movies, music, TV, books, and more with our Gift of the Day.

Man cannot live on bread alone… especially if he has a sweet tooth.

Take a tasting tour of Panem with the Vosges Hunger Games chocolate library, a collection of 12 gourmet chocolate bars inspired by The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Each bar represents the industry of one of Panem’s 12 districts — including lumber, livestock, and fishing — using a mix of familiar flavors like coconut and caramel and strange and exotic ingredients like smoked mesquite, vanilla hemp seeds, and beef jerky.

Created by Wild Ophelia, the limited-edition box of chocolate ($65 at is made using organic ingredients sourced from “food artisans” around the country.

Vosges also stocks Hunger Games truffles and candy bars inspired by Katniss (apples, smoked bacon, and sea salt in milk chocolate), Effie (dried strawberries and candied violet flowers in dark chocolate), and President Snow (blood orange, peppercorns, and caramel in dark chocolate).

Now those are some sweet collectibles.

Catching Fire

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