Ron Burgundy
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Sick of Anchorman 2‘s incessant marketing campaign? Too bad! The movie’s not out until Dec. 18, meaning we’ve got at least two more weeks of promos, ginormous advertisements, and in-character stunt appearances ahead of us.

But even if you’re growing weary of Ron Burgundy’s various shills, you may enjoy the following video — filmed Wednesday at Emerson College, which renamed its school of communication in Burgundy’s honor for one day. To celebrate the occasion, San Diego’s favorite newsman himself — a.k.a. Anchorman star Will Ferrell — participated in a lengthy Q&A session with Emerson students, as well as local Boston journalists. Video of the event is a testament to Ferrell’s top-notch improvising skills; he never gets thrown, even when one student straight-up calls out Burgundy for being a fictional character and a professional in a fake mustache does a clearly rehearsed Burgundy impression.

Check below for a 23-minute clip of Ferrell’s panel — as well as a few of his best in-character quotes from the event. (One of the queries comes from a student publication called Emertainment Monthly. Hee!)

On Ron’s media diet: “I get a lot of news from carrier pigeons.”

After being offered an opportunity to host a show on Boston’s Mix 104.1: “I don’t know if you realize this, but radio is dead. So… the answer is yes. I’ll be there in a half hour.”

On how he keeps his voice so smooth and deep: “A good trick for me is I gargle with day-old bathwater.”

On what modern-day news is lacking: “I think you’re not seeing enough facial hair in news today.”

On how to get along with a female anchor: “It’s a little bit like a marriage if you will. There’s a give and take there. You have to listen to each other’s ideas and thoughts. And at the end of the day, if there is a real juicy story, you simply have to have a fistfight to figure out who’s going to report it.”

On how he plans to change Emerson while he’s there: “Every grade will be pass/fail from now on. And if you fail and bring your teacher a nice steak sandwich, you get a pass. There will be no school on Tuesdays through Friday. It’ll just be an 18-hour day on Monday. And everyone will get a free computer, a Commodore PC, that they can take wherever they want.” To pay for all this, Burgundy also plans to raise tuition to $600,000 per semester.

On his plans for an afternoon in Boston: “I’m going to sneak into Fenway and steal a hunk of sod … I’m going to deep-fry it and eat it. And I’m going to go nightclubbing with Big Papi. Oh! And shopping on Newbury Street!”

And finally, his best advice for an aspiring journalist: “Well, of course you have to report the facts. Unless it’s too hard to find the facts — then, just make something up. It really is about hygiene; make sure you condition your hair at least three times a week, use a leave-in conditioner if you can. I think it’s time for the gals and the men to start wearing perfumes and colognes. And don’t be afraid to be stylish in front of the camera.”

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