By Jeff Labrecque
Updated December 05, 2013 at 05:55 PM EST

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom was the toughest ticket to get in the very few theaters it played last holiday weekend, when it averaged more per-screen than Catching Fire and Frozen. With the film set to expand nationwide on Christmas, a new featurette titled “Mandela: The Leader You Know, The Man You Didn’t” aims to reintroduce the man behind the legend, as well as promote Idris Elba’s candidacy for acting accolades.

In the video, which features commentary from public figures as eclectic as Tom Brokaw and Sean Combs, the inspiring words of the hero himself combine with grainy footage of the early anti-apartheid movement to set the tone for the story of how Mandela became Public Enemy No. 1 for fighting against the white South African regime.

At a precise moment, Mandela’s words overlap with Elba’s, and the actor takes over. There’s very little physical resemblance between the two men, a fact Elba himself has admitted, but the actor emits a determined strength that honors both men.

Watch the clip below: