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Updated December 04, 2013 at 05:00 PM EST
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It’s time for Entertainment Weekly‘s annual top 10 lists of the best movies, TV shows, albums, singles, and books. You know, all the things that ruled, shocked, and rocked this year.

Inside this week’s issue find our top 10 lists of…

The Best Movies: Critics Owen Gleiberman and Chris Nashawaty agree: Gravity’s got pull and 12 Years a Slave is brutally brilliant. Find out who fell equally hard for period pieces, high-tech epics, and some surprising thrillers, and who was won over by wrenching romances and harrowing journeys (but still loves himself a little horror).

The Best TV Shows: Critics Jeff Jensen and Melissa Maerz both felt the Netflix effect this year, though they have divergent takes on the final season of Breaking Bad: One critic says a certain franchise’s epic insanity reigned supreme, while the other declares Walter White took down all comers.

The Best Music: Critic Nick Catucci was captivated by fierce women and sensitive men, but he finds one album above all others (hint!) utterly divine. Plus, the singles that got lucky with us — a teen from Down Under made us swoon, while a pair of funky robots helped us find our groove.

The Best Books: Amid a host of terrific short stories and genre fiction, an experimental novel stole the show. And though it was the year of the memoir — and the huge bio — a real-life forensic thriller bested them all. We rank which novels were most Interestings and which nonfiction towered over the rest.

Plus: The year’s gadget game-changers, our picks for the tech devices that truly dazzled.

Elsewhere in the issue: A fond remembrance from friends and colleagues of beloved actor Paul Walker, and a “personal” interview with director Spike Jonze about his ode to longing and loving, Her. Pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands Friday Dec. 6.

12 Years a Slave

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