By Samantha Highfill
Updated December 04, 2013 at 03:00 PM EST
Cate Cameron/The CW

The last we saw of The Tomorrow People, Stephen told Cara and John that he had seen his father. And now, with this week’s introduction of the scientist who originally discovered Stephen’s father, it seems answers aren’t far away.

Playing that scientist, Dr. Aldus Crick, is Nicholas Young, who played John on the original U.K. series. Crick is introduced in tonight’s episode 8, and with him come flashbacks involving Jedekiah and Roger, as well as an introduction to the man in charge of Ultra.

We talked with Nicholas Young about his two-episode arc, and what Crick’s introduction means for Stephen, John, and Cara:


NICHOLAS YOUNG: He’s an eccentric Englishman who appears to have taught at Princeton University about 20 years ago. And while he was there, one of his colleagues, a man called Jedekiah Price, introduces me to Roger Price, who’s got the three T’s, telekinesis, teleportation, and so forth. So that’s where I get involved, when I’m teaching at Princeton University about 20 years ago.

So then what brings you to the present day Tomorrow People?

It’s an unanswered question. I obviously left Princeton under a dark cloud, for some reason. He disappears and goes and hides himself away in as remote a part of the country as he possibly can, and somehow, I’m not clear on the answer to this one, The Tomorrow People manage to track him down. They manage to track him down, which is something nobody else has been able to do up till now, and it would appear from what I can tell of the character, that he’s clearly eccentric, that he lives alone and is buried in his books and whatever. The Tomorrow People coming back into his life gives him meaning and purpose and it’s all terribly exciting. He’s forgotten how exciting it all was 20 years previously.

We know this episode will feature flashbacks with Jedekiah and Roger. Will we see Aldus in flashbacks as well?

You’ve got me in flashback as well, where I look young and handsome. [Laughs] It’s amazing what wardrobe and hair and makeup can do. They manage to knock about 20 years off me.

Robbie Amell teased that we’d finally meet the leader of Ultra in this episode. Does Aldus run into him?

I do sort of run into him, yes, but I’m not going to tell you what the circumstances are because that would give too much away.

So if you run into him, what can you tell us about the mysterious boss? Robbie thinks he’s the scariest character we’ve met yet.

Yeah, I think he’s absolutely right. He’s a very sinister character, quite vicious, quite mean, quite nasty. Nasty piece of work. With Jedekiah, we’re not entirely sure whether he’s 100 percent nasty, but I think with this guy, you’re pretty sure there are no redeeming features as far as I can see.

And now that Aldus has found himself in this war, is his main skill set his knowledge?

Well not necessarily. At Princeton he was studying behavioral science and Jedekiah was studying molecular biology, so I think they were pretty senior lecturers, and when Jedekiah introduces me to Roger, I then take over the experiments, and because we don’t trust anybody at all, we keep our experiments a secret. So the University doesn’t really know what we’re up to, and I think fairly quickly, although it’s not stated, Jedekiah disappears out of the picture, and I think the feels a bit miffed that we have carried on this research and excluded him, and I think that builds up a great deal of resentment in the Jedekiah character.

But Aldus is firmly on the side of The Tomorrow People in present day?

Absolutely! No question about that.

The Tomorrow People airs tonight at 9 p.m. on The CW.