By Annie Barrett
Updated December 04, 2013 at 09:46 AM EST

The Mindy Project

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If at first you don’t succeed at Secret Santa-ing, do like Danny: Dust yourself off and try again!*

Warning: May cause heart-melt.

According to Danny, Mindy’s constant replaying of Aaliyah’s “Try Again” was one of the very first things about her that truly annoyed him. He must find himself quite unbearable by now, because the man is a GENIUS AALYIAH IMPERSONATOR.

(The reaction shots of Mindy are romantic and all, but why would you ever cut away from his brilliance?!)

They almost kissed after this, but Adam Pally had to bust in and ruin the moment in his epic quest to suck out some of Mindy’s boob booze. Just go with it.

The self-dusting master herself, for reference:

*If you must spend real money on your Secret Santa instead of showing him or her Chris Messina dancing to Aaliyah on the internet — I don’t think anyone would turn down Mindy’s two-bottle wine bra. Just trying to help.

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