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Just like Klaus, I think we should begin with a toast. However, I’m raising my Diet Coke to Marcel’s scarf, Klaus’ evil smirk, and all things family, while Klaus was raising his glass to immortality. Plus, let’s be real: I’m not nearly as poetic as one Klaus Mikaelson. Those words and that accent? That man was born to rule.

Speaking of which, at a dinner for Marcel’s inner circle, and therefore Klaus’ inner circle, the Original hybrid explained the recent power shift. New Orleans was once again Klaus’ city. “May the blood never cease to flow,” Klaus began. “And the party never end,” Marcel finished, signaling his allegiance to the new king.

Cut to a scene in which Rebekah begged Marcel to put up the illusion of loyalty in order to stay alive. Marcel was on board, but as he informed his right-hand man Diego, “It isn’t over yet.” Oh Marcel, what are you and your gorgeous eyes up to now? Whatever it is, it will have to wait. Klaus was on a mission to gain the trust of the city’s vamps. In order to do just that, the “father of the year,” according to a very snarky Hayley, promised that he had no intention of using his unborn child to sire a new race. And to prove it, he was sending the vamps out on a little hunting mission to kill all the werewolves in the bayou. How would he create hybrids if he didn’t have any werewolves to change? I have to give it to him: It’s smart and evil and all things Klaus.

And while we’re on the topic of all things Klaus, he was still compelling Cami to write his memoirs. A thousand years of history wasn’t going to write itself, but considering he was telling her about things that happened two episodes ago, are we to assume she’s already written about his first 999 years and however many days? That girl has to have carpal tunnel by now. Regardless, Marcel interrupted the literary genius to inform Klaus that the human faction wanted a meeting. With Marcel present, Klaus finally fessed up to compelling Cami to go out with Marcel. However, any feelings she had were real… as real as the awkwardness in the room when they both realized that fact. But it didn’t last long. Cami quickly confronted Klaus about how his compulsion was making her lose her mind. And when she showed him the picture she had found of Klaus and Marcel in 1919, he immediately compelled it from her brain. The poor girl.

Over at Elijah and Rebekah’s house, movers were loading up Klaus’ things. But Elijah was less worried about the furniture’s fate than he was about Hayley’s. He and Rebekah went over to make sure Hayley wasn’t suffering under a vindictive Klaus. Hayley informed them that she was “under protection,” but her family in the bayou was not, all thanks to Klaus’ “jacked up peace offering.” She asked the “vampire rescue squad,” as Rebekah put it, to help her people. Just like that, Elijah, his peacoat, and his younger sister were off to the swamp.

Before their meeting with the human faction, Klaus decided it was about time he confessed his many sins to Marcel. He told him all about setting up Thierry, using Cami, compelling Joshua, and Davina’s deal with Elijah. Marcel took it all in like a pro, thanked Klaus for his honesty, and walked his new leader down to meet with the ole mortal folk. And despite Marcel’s advice that “a little diplomacy goes a long way” with the humans, Klaus wasn’t exactly a fan of the humans’ bold approach. The humans were willing to look the other way if their pockets stayed full and the vamps followed the rules: No feeding on locals and don’t bring unwanted attention to the city. Well, Klaus had his own ideas. The humans would take whatever scraps he saw fit and be grateful, or Klaus would kill them. Meeting adjourned… until the humans broke the windows of a nearby vamp bar, burned up a number of vamps, and shot Marcel. Klaus was pissed.

Correction: Marcel was pissed. The one-time king finally broke his indifferent facade and told Klaus that running the city better mean something to him, or else no one would follow him. Klaus was happy to see the real Marcel back. Clearly, Klaus had underestimated the humans. So what should they do? “Let’s go kill them all,” Marcel proposed. And cue Klaus’ devilish grin.

In the bayou, Elijah and his peacoat calmly told Diego to take his vampires elsewhere. They did as they were told… for the time being. Meanwhile, Elijah and Rebekah ran into Eve. She told them that the local wolves would be safe — they’re excellent at hiding. But there was a group of newcomers she was worried about. Apparently Hayley’s unborn child had brought in some tourist wolves, and Eve believed Elijah would want them kept alive. But why?

Back in the land of vamps, humans, and the occasional all-powerful witch, Cami was, once again, losing her mind. She had written notes to herself at her apartment. The first read “Believe nothing Klaus tells you.” The second: “Your bag. Inside pocket.” There, she found a tape recorder and rediscovered the knowledge she originally discovered at the end of the last episode. At this point, my head was hurting for her.

Just around the corner, Davina was being moved into Klaus’ new/old digs. There, she was reunited with her friend Josh when they both met Hayley, who was quick to correct Davina when she called her Klaus’ wife. Not quite. She was the pregnant werewolf, which meant Davina was the “all-powerful super witch” and Josh was “voted most likely to die next.” The three of them proceeded to make some sort of weird alliance.

But as strange as it seemed, they still weren’t the dumbest people in this episode. Just when the humans thought Kieran had called a meeting, Klaus and Marcel showed up and killed everyone other than Cami’s uncle. Klaus wanted a new human faction, and only then would he reopen negotiations. The man drives a hard bargain, but he does get results.

With Klaus and Marcel bonding over murder, Elijah and Rebekah bonded over love. Elijah’s love of Hayley to be exact. The best part? Rebekah commenting on Elijah’s “stoic ass.” YES. Although Elijah wouldn’t say much on the matter, he admitted it was “complicated.” But you know what wasn’t complicated? Diego and his vamps trying to kill the wolves once again. Elijah, in an epic speech, informed Diego that he was in fact threatening him. He gave the vamps three minutes before their hunting party became the prey, and considering they couldn’t kill Klaus with a 100-to-1 advantage not too long ago, he wouldn’t suggest trying to take them on. Needless to say, Elijah’s “dramatic” threat worked. But who did he just save? From what I could tell, it was a man with some very important jewelry around his neck.

With one duo’s job done, the other duo, Klaus and Marcel, discussed how they used to be real friends back in the day. Klaus then told Marcel about how the witches had originally asked him to overthrow Marcel, so it wasn’t entirely his own idea, which didn’t really help things at all. On the other hand, Klaus’ speech about bad fathers and wanting to be better seemed to get Marcel’s attention. Marcel remembered the role Klaus played in saving him from his own father. So what now? Well, Marcel had the community’s love and respect. Klaus can rule them, but he cannot win them. He offered for Marcel to rule beside him as equals, friends, and brothers. Marcel drank to that.

Back inside, Hayley confronted Klaus about trying to kill the wolves. She then made the mistake of asking what would happen to her after she gave birth. *radio silence* With one last threat toward Klaus, she went up to Davina’s room, where she informed the witch of Agnes’ death. Basically, Davina’s life was no longer at risk, but Marcel hadn’t told her. The young witch refused to be Marcel’s puppet, so, full of anger, she headed over to Cami’s. But Klaus beat her there. He was ready to compel Cami’s to leave town. She called him a coward and told him he wanted someone to see who he really is. In a moment of weakness, Klaus showed Cami some of his worst memories — his first transformation, his father torturing him. But if she stayed, Cami would be in danger. So he compelled her to leave and forget him completely. It was a beautiful moment that would later be fully reversed by Davina showing up and working some crazy magic. So much for Cami being left out of the loop.

After a day of wolf-saving, Elijah and Rebekah informed Klaus of their findings. The wolves they saved had their mother’s ring. They knew of Klaus’ legend. They were remnants of Klaus’ family, of the bloodline of Klaus’ true father! It would’ve been exciting news if Klaus hadn’t already had enough of family to last him a lifetime. Or so he told Elijah. But he secretly went to Kieran to ask for protection for the wolves he told his vamps to hunt. This running-a-kingdom business is very complicated, guys.

In one last secret meeting, Marcel chose Klaus over Rebekah, for which she threatened him with a secret from 1919. Apparently, she knows the exact words that will make Klaus hate Marcel forever. Do tell!

Also in a secret meeting of sorts, Elijah visited Hayley and told her they saved the wolves. She hugged him. They almost kissed. He left. Ugh. But he didn’t go far. He apologized to Klaus for doubting Klaus’ intentions toward his own child. “You don’t make it easy to love you, brother,” Elijah told his power-hungry baby bro. And yet, Elijah always will. Klaus invited his siblings to move to their family home. Reunited, and it looks so good, amirite?

So what did you guys think of the episode? Will Marcel stop plotting against Klaus now that he’s been offered a throne of his own? And what’s going to happen with this Davina-Cami partnership? Finally, is Tyler still in the garden, and why aren’t we breaking him out? Sound off in the comments! I’ll see you guys in 2014!

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