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Closing Arguments

The Good Wife celebrated its 100th episode last night with “The Decision Tree.” (Read the full recap here.) But if you haven’t yet seen the episode, stop reading now. Spoilers ahead! In the case of the week, a former client of Alicia’s (Juliana Margulies) had bequeathed her $12 million. She faced Will (Josh Charles) in court over the validity of the will. Meanwhile, Florrick/Agos prepared for their holiday party. And what started as a feeble gathering turned in to the event of the season—all thanks to Peter’s (Chris Noth) promised attendance. Eli (Alan Cumming) tried to stop Peter from going to the party because he was worried the infamous Colin Sweeney might attend. And with his focus on Sweeney, Eli failed to realize that Chicago’s top drug dealer, Lemond Bishop might make show up. It was a surprise to everyone. Here, Mike Colter, who plays Bishop, talks about his character’s return and his future on the show.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What was it like to be included in the 100th episode?

MIKE COLTER: It feels awesome. For it to make 100 episodes is a huge feat in today’s television. There’s so many great things on cable, but I feel like The Good Wife is really holding the network television landscape steady. It’s special because it’s almost like a reunion. A lot of key players are in the episode, and I got to meet people who I’d never had a chance to work with.

Like whom?

I got a chance to shoot a scene with Chris Noth. When I first came on the show, his character was after my character. He was the attorney who was going to bring my character down. For whatever reason, he never got his hands on me. And here we are four seasons later, and I finally get in a room with him.

Lemond Bishop’s return isn’t a major plot point in the episode, but it comes as a huge shock to everyone. No one expected to see him at the Florrick/Agos holiday party.

My character is there to finally bring out a point of tension that’s been going with the Florrick/Agos law firm. They need money. They need clients. And they’re trying to figure out if they can be successful and also be ethical at the same time. They’ve been batting [my name] back and forth. What do we do? Who can we bring on board? Should we deal with Lemond Bishop or should we not? I think for the most part, when they were dealing with me when they were with Lockhart/Gardner it was because they had to. It was a necessary evil because the partners decided it was good for the business. They kept going with it. Now they’re trying to redefine themselves as a new law firm they’re realizing do we need people like him? And if we do need people like him, how are we different from Lockhart/Gardner? What is this all for?… So here we are left with this moment at the end of the episode where you’re going, Oh my God. He’s here. And not only is he here, what do we do? This is our moment. Is he part of our client roster? Or are we just going to wash our hands of this guy?

Is it safe to say Lemond Bishop will return this season?

There are plans for another episode, but I can’t get into details. But Lemond Bishop will return. How and with whom, we do not know yet.

As a fan of the show, how do you feel about the competing firms?

I like it. This groundwork has been laid out for a number of years. And considering that [Alicia and Will] were having an affair earlier on, and considering her marriage where it was and where it is now, it shows redemption for her character, and it shows a real grown-up feel. Things happen. This is where we are now. This is where we were. This is how I feel about you now. This is how I felt about you then. And all these layers are there.

Who do you think Lemond Bishop will choose? Florrick/Agos or Lockhart/Gardner?

It’s not only which firm he’s going to choose, but who’s going to choose him. Who really wants him? And who’s he going to end up with? But Lemond Bishop is a smart individual. And regardless of how things go, I think he’s going to make the decision that is best for Lemond Bishop. And ultimately, he’s not going to make [a decision] based on anything other than savvy business. That’s the kind of guy he is.

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