Vytas Baskauskas
Credit: CBS

Vytas Baskuaskas had his spot seemingly secured for another few days on Survivor: Blood vs. Water. Laura Morett had already won the Redemption Island duel, but he was well ahead of Tina Wesson in the loser-is-eliminated battle. Then he tried to sneak a peek at Laura’s completed puzzle. Then Laura blocked and twirled it so he couldn’t. And then she went one step further, giving Tina the answers so she could get her biggest competition out of the game. It was a savvy strategic move, but a brutal way for Vytas to be handed his proverbial walking papers, which explains why he refused the post-duel hug. The ousted Vytas called into Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105) to share his feelings on the controversial move — and those feelings are still conflicted. “I was pretty bummed when it happened,” says Vytas. “It’s Survivor, man. It’s a game of low blows and it was a low blow. And as long as you don’t get called out on it, it’s not against the rules. So kudos to them for taking me out.”

There’s plenty more of that on tap as well as a host of other topics as Vytas discusses how much he blames his brother Aras for his ouster (“I had my own game and I have to take responsibility for the decisions I made”), his surprise at the lack of roughing it (“I expected it to be a lot worse. I was not impressed by the rigors of the experience”) and whether he would rather do the show again with or without his brother. Speaking of Aras, Vytas credits the show for bringing them closer together, yet also reveals that after bonding at Ponderosa upon being voted, “We got in a huge fight the day we got back and didn’t talk for three weeks.” Brilliant. You can hear the whole interview right here right now on the InsideTV Podcast by clicking on the audio player below. It’s definitely worth it.

But first, we chat with the gentle giant of The Walking Dead, Chad Coleman, who plays Tyreese on the AMC zombie drama. We know Tyrese has a big heart, but is it at times too big: “I think that’s what it is, finding that balance between what the rules of engagement are in a post-apocalyptic world,” says Coleman. “Can you really afford to have a heart that big? And he’s finding out. He’s learning. You’ve got to know the landscape. You got to play by certain rules. It’s all part of a maturation process for Tyreese, to make him a better man and a better leader. I appreciate his nobility, but there are just things that everybody has to learn hard and fast and I think he’s in the middle of his learning curve right now.”

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