Credit: Universal Pictures

Could Dracula get some monster-mash company on Friday nights?

NBC is developing a werewolf drama from Dracula executive producer Daniel Knauf, the network confirmed. The project is based on Universal’s (rather forgettable) 2010 film The Wolfman (the one that starred Benicio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins), which was itself based on a previous 1941 version. Naturally the TV series is likely to chart its own creative path.

One can certainly understand why NBC wants to brand Fridays with a horror block: Grimm has been solid-ish, and the concept helps fill prime-time holes on a notoriously tough night of the week with original scripted programming. Dracula has been a very soft performer, however, and werewolf stories have been an inconsistent performer (compared to, say, vampire and zombie projects). What do you think?