By Shirley Li
December 02, 2013 at 07:48 PM EST

Diego Klattenhoff may play the tough FBI Agent Donald Ressler on The Blacklist, but in real life, he’s not so stoic and composed all the time.

When the actor stopped by EW to take the Pop Culture Personality Test, he revealed how he hit his television over the series ending of The Sopranos which — six-years-old spoiler ahead — saw the screen ambiguously cut to black, literally leaving viewers in the dark about Tony’s fate.

Klattenhoff also talked his awkward, starstruck interaction with Julianne Moore after rushing onstage at the Emmys before the rest of the cast of Homeland. And speaking of Homeland, the actor kept mum about whether he’ll reappear as Mike this season. “I do know but I can’t say,” he admitted apologetically. “But things are going great on the show. It’s really back where it used to be.”

Of course, fans can now catch Klattenhoff kicking butt on The Blacklist — though his character isn’t in any shape to be in action at the moment. Following last week’s hour, Klattenhoff’s Agent Ressler continues to fight for his life, while James Spader’s Red must figure out a way to outsmart the bloodthirsty Anslo Garrick (Ritchie Coster).

In the meantime, watch Klattenhoff talk more of his pop culture obsessions below, including his favorite films, athletes, and a certain Tina Fey-helmed, Lindsay Lohan-starring movie he was once in that had something to do with the projection room above the auditorium…