The Governor
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WARNING: Spoilers ahead. Do not read if you have not seen The Walking Dead!

Discuss Sunday’s episode below! Here’s a breakdown of what went down during the fourth midseason finale…

The Governor captures Michonne and Hershel.

The Governor convinces his new camp to take the Prison, blaming Rick and the gang for the destruction of Woodbury.

Lilly has doubts about the Governor’s plan to take the Prison.

Hershel tries in vain to convince the Governor that they can co-exist with their people in the Prison.

Meghan makes peanut butter sandwiches with mud. Mmmm.

Back at the Prison, Glenn is recuperating after almost dying from the flu virus. Sasha is recovering from the flu virus, too.

Daryl is upset with Rick after learning that he exiled Carol for killing Karen and David.

Tyreese discovers a dissected squirrel in the Prison halls.

Before Rick and Daryl can talk to Tyreese about Carol, the Governor demands to meet with Rick.

The Governor gives Rick until sundown to evacuate with his people before he takes the Prison by force.

Meghan gets bitten by a Walker who arises from the mud.

Rick tries to convince the Governor they can all live together at the Prison.

The Governor kills Hershel in retaliation, inciting a full-on gun fight.

Lilly shows up with Meghan’s body — the Governor shoots her in the head before she transforms.

Michonne stabs the Governor, saving Rick from being strangled to death. Lilly finishes him off, shooting him in the head.

Baby Judith is presumed dead, taken by Walkers.

Rick’s group is fractured with various groups fleeing the onslaught of Walkers attracted by the gun fight.

Stay tuned for our full recap! (UPDATE: The recap is live!)

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