See who Hollywood names as their faves

Pharrell Williams picks Wes Anderson
“He’s the king of all kings to me.”

Steve McQueen picks Kanye West
“I think his album Yeezus is exceptional. And it’s a testament to him that one of the last things that Lou Reed wrote, God bless his soul, was an amazing review of that album. He’s an artist trying to break rules.”

Kerry Washington picks Justin Timberlake
“What doesn’t he do well?”

Tom Hanks picks Sarah Silverman
“I met her at a party. She shocks me and kills me with the same material.”

Matthew McConaughey picks Michael Fassbender & Joaquin Phoenix

Macklemore picks Kendrick Lamar
“He made an incredible album, and I think he brought competition back to hip-hop with his features and songwriting.”

Sandra Bullock picks Matthew McConaughey
Dallas Buyers Club will weave its way into every fiber of your being. I am just so proud and excited for Matthew. I told him, ‘I am blown away, absolutely blown away.’ I got teary. I was stilled by his performance, and I’m never stilled.”

Grumpy Cat picks Fellow Grouches
“Entertainers are the worst. But Kanye West, Louis C.K., and Oscar the Grouch have all been exceptional this year at staying Grumpy in the harsh light of success.”

Tatiana Maslany picks Jenny Slate
“She’s amazing. She does a YouTube channel called ‘buh’ and she does this show on it called Catherine, which is the weirdest show ever. I saw her do stand-up at the Largo in L.A. She can do no wrong in my mind — anything she does, I’m there.”