I should have heeded the very serious man’s warning ahead of the new episode of The Blacklist on Monday: “Graphic content” “viewer discretion” Blah Blah. NBD.

But, as it turns out, his warning was not just for the pearl-clutchers of the world. The episode was rather disgusting. In one scene, for example, Red dragged a rapidly bleeding Ressler to his FBI-issued glass safety cube so he could treat Ressler for his injuries after being shot. And among the procedures he had to carry out? A wound cauterization that involved gun powder, a lighter, and my horrified screams. Then there was that execution scene…

This, mind you, is coming from someone who loves The Walking Dead (the more zombie kills, the better), dug The Red Wedding, and has remains unfazed by the idea of organ-harvesting monsters thanks to Supernatural. I’m far from the sensitive type. Lately, though, I’ve found myself unexpectedly disgusted by some of the things on TV. “Unexpectedly” is a key and important word in that sentence. You see, I expect a high level of gore on cable shows, TV shows about dead bodies (Hi, Bones), or TV shows about monsters (like the aforementioned CW scare-fest or even Grimm). But out of that context, blood and gore catch me off guard.

I know: Get over it, Sandra. But I can’t be the only person who cringed when Olivia’s mom brunched on her own wrists in last week’s Scandal. Or the only one who thought Brian’s death on Family Guy involved more cartoon doggie blood than necessary to get the point across. If I am, I’m sorry for being a prude. But if I’m not, I invite you to join me in a dry heave — and a poll.

Videos of your choices below. (Warning: Ewww.)

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