Seven was a lucky number for Tatiana Maslany this year: She broke out with her mesmerizing performance — well, seven of them, if you count all the clones she has played to date — in BBC America’s conspiracy drama Orphan Black. As a result, EW has named her one of our Entertainers of the Year. We asked the 28-year-old Canadian actress to select her most memorable day from her banner year, and she chose her journey this summer to San Diego for Comic-Con. Maslany being Maslany, she couldn’t just play one role that day, so she took on two: celebrity and fan. Read on:

“The first day we were at Comic-Con was just such a wild ride. I was super nervous going into it. I just had no idea what to expect. I remember walking into our first panel and it was like a wall of energy, totally tangible in the air. All three of us — me, [co-stars] Dylan [Bruce], and Jordan [Gavaris] — we sat there and tried not to burst into tears because that was our first impulse, completely overwhelmed and emotional. Any reference we would make, somebody would be like, ‘Yeah, that’s my favorite line!’ or this wonderful woman got on the mic and did an impersonation of Helena and it was just this gravelly, Russian accent. She did something like ‘Hello, sis.’ It was just so cute, and the whole audience went like ‘Ooooh.’ … One of the best parts of the day was to meet the fans dressed up as different clones, and in really specific costumes that were so niche and not the obvious ones. We had a girl who was dressed as one of the clones impersonating another clone. … It was this nonstop marathon, a mix of doing interviews with different kinds of publications and meeting fans. And I know from the other side of things how much it means. I met Ken Marino there. I had a super-nerdy fan moment with him where I went, ‘Uh, excuse me, I’m such a fan of Wainy Days, of Burning Love, of all of your work,’ and I was blushing and shaking. It was just really strange to be on the other side of things, but then I felt very much myself when I saw Ken and I was peeing my pants.”

To read more from Maslany, pick up a copy of the Entertainers of the Year issue, on stands now.

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