It’s a good week to be Jeffrey Wright, with the season finale of Boardwalk Empire having aired on HBO (read what he had to say in our postmortem) and The Catching Fire: Hunger Games in theaters. The actor, who plays brainiac Beetee, didn’t have to train like his costars. “Most of the stunts that I pulled off when we were [filming] in Hawaii were in the ocean surfing,” he says, with a laugh. “Beetee is more of a lover than a fighter — or at least a thinker. He lets the others run off and get their hands dirty and then they all come back and he plans what to do next.”

Did Wright master our EW Pop Culture Personality Test? Check out the video below.

Bonus question!

What’s your most prized pop culture possession?

I haven’t seen it in a while, but I had it on my wall in college: It was something that I plucked from the walls of RFK Stadium where the Washington Redskins used to play in southeast D.C. It was this big yellow and blue CBS Sports sign that used to hang at every game. I decided to strip one off the wall and take it home.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
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