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Tonight’s the season 17 finale — and the first real “results show” of the season. About time! It’s Corbin Bleu and Karina Smirnoff (in pineapple fringe, above) vs. Amber Riley and Derek Hough (mirrorball madness, second from left) vs. Jack Osbourne and Cheryl Burke (pretty in pink, second from right). Fun fact: The last time Karina, Derek, and Cheryl shared the finals (with J.R. Martinez, Ricki Lake, and Rob Kardashian in season 13), Karina came up with the win.

After Monday’s finals (read my full recap here), EW asked the finalists to name three reasons they should win — watch them campaign for themselves below. Plus: See my picks for who should and will win, vote in our polls, then add your own in the comments!

Should win: Jack Osbourne and Cheryl Burke — It’s not just because he’s obsessed with all things COVETED MIRRORBALL TROPHY-related, though that certainly helps. Jack came in with zero dance skills and has improved every week. Humble, self-deprecating, honest — now that Bill’s gone, he’s the heart of the season…and maybe always was. Plus, Cheryl has never seemed so happy with a celebrity. When she cries, we all cry. And we LOVE to weep in front of the television! It shows character! Don’t try and label the character. It shows pizazz.

Says Jack: “The show is about taking people that don’t know how to dance and teaching them how to dance in a short amount of time.”


Will win: Amber Riley and Derek Hough — Amber’s a fantastic performer, but she’s been coasting by on her own onstage exuberance and routines specifically tailored to her knee injuries by the best choreographer on the show, Derek. She’s not the most improved, but she just might be the most fun to watch.

Says Derek: “If she did win, you wouldn’t go ‘ugh’ — you’d go ‘you know what, I can see that she would be a champion’.”


Meh: Corbin Bleu and Karina Smirnoff — Sorry! I still can’t get behind them because if you look up “professional dancer” in the dictionary you bedazzled yourself, there is a picture of Corbin Bleu! I just think it’s gratuitous how good he was/is/will always be at dancing. He’s cruising high above the others, but on a gemstone plateau. It will make sense if they do win, of course. I love Karina. But still.

Says Corbin: “She and I always come out and give entertainment, something people can relate to, a story.”


Who do YOU think should and will win? Discuss!

Reporting by Michele Stueven.

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